Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Fur Ball Frenzy

Capture the invading Furballs!

Fashion Solitaire

Strike a pose with solitaire.

The Juicer

Destroy the mutated vegetables!

Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers

Win the Finest Flowers competition!

Dig Dug

Play the classic Arcade game, Dig Dug!

Fab Fashion

Fashion fun for everyone!

Dress Up Rush

Run a stylish fashion boutique.

Fashion Dash

Cater to a new flock of fashionistas.

Fashion Star

Become a true Fashion Star!

Vogue Tales

A stylish and fashionable game.

Fashion Craze

Fashion Craze is sew much fun!

Plight of the Zombie

Satisfy your never-ending hunger!

Toy Defense

It’s time to take action!

Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales

Protect the town from fire-breathing dragons!

Garden Rescue

Defend the garden from sneaky beetles!

Rescue Team 2

Rebuild the devastated islands!

Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette Christmas Edition

Deck the halls with chicken beaks!

Bus Driver

Become a Bus Driver!

Hobby Farm

Manage your very own farm!

My Farm Life

Become Farmer of the Year!

Cake Shop 3

Open up Cake Shops around the world!


Uncover ancient Mayan Tombs!


Revive a barren celestial wilderness!


Cher needs your fashion sense!

Space Strike

Fly as a pilot on a recon mission.

Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife

Blast beyond Egypt`s borders!

Dress Shop Hop

Help Bobbi make custom clothes!

Royal Gems

Countless king's bounties!

Cooking Academy 3: Recipe for Success

Welcome back to the Cooking Academy!

Sky Taxi 4: Top Secret

Rescue a beautiful spy!

Virtual Farm 2

Raise bumper crops!

Stand O'Food 3

Stand O’Food extends to Tinseltown!

Jet Set Go

Go on a dream vacation!

Super Granny 6

Super Granny is back!

Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome

Help Scarlet feed the Roman soldiers!

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips

Your travel destination for fun!

Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk Easter Edition

Save Easter from the chicken threat!

1 Penguin 100 Cases

Help Pengoo find his way home!

Cocktail Mania

Enjoy your own Cocktail Mania!

Tinseltown Dreams: The 50s

Take a seat in the director`s chair!

Westward III: Gold Rush

Fortune is yours for the taking!

Chicken Invaders 3 Christmas Edition

Save Earth from a great chicken threat!

Star Defender III

The year is 2743 A.D.

Airline Baggage Mania

Manage airline service points!

Rolling Idols

Beat the savage Nibiru with his plans to wipe out the universe!

Oozi Earth Adventure

Help Oozi find his way home in this modernized old school platformer!

Snow Globe: Farm World

Ever wondered how to raise geese in other worlds?

Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds

The sheep are off to new adventures!

Jump, Bobo! Jump!

Feed Bobo his favorite treats!

Luxor HD

Answer the call of Isis!

Chicken Invaders 4: Ultimate Omelette

Prevent our omelette-flavoured doom!

Costume Chaos

Help customers dress for party success!

Fashion Season

Help define the newest fashion trends!

Camelia's Locket

Create combos in this Match-3 fleet.

SpongeBob Atlantis SquareOff

Journey across the ocean floor.

Spongebob Diner Dash 2

SpongeBob is back for two times the fun!


Your day to save the world has come!

Undead Tidings

Stop the undead from ruining the holidays!

Galaxy Quest

Find a missing space explorer!

My Kingdom for the Princess III

It's time to rebuild the kingdom!

Alien Hallway

Fight the green invaders!

Supermarket Management 2

Manage your own supermarket!

Dream Cars

Create your own Dream Cars!

Sky Kingdoms

Explosive marble-popping fun!

Swarm Gold

Adrenaline-pumping, shoot `em up action!


Prepare for battle!

SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash

Soak up five-star feeding fun!

The Path of Hercules

Follow the path of Hercules and become the hero of Ancient Greece!


Help save these cute little pets from the cruel wizard!

WMS Jungle Wild Slot Machine

Tame the jungle and bring home the biggest winnings this side of Vegas!

Running Sheep

Help the sheep!

Youda Fisherman

Rebuild a fishing company!

Mini Robot Wars

Defend the Green Planet!


Restore the light!

Tropical Fish Shop 2

Organize the best pet shop!

Beetle Bug 3

Guide the missing bug babies to safety.

Brave Piglet

Save little piggies!

Yeti Quest: Crazy Penguins

Help Yeti and his pals save their island home!

Shining Plume 2

Battle an unknown enemy!

Haunted Domains

Manage a haunted hotel!

Sally's Spa

Relax and Refresh in Sally’s Spa!

Alien Shooter: Revisited

Shoot your way past a horde of aliens!

Star Defender II

Super space shooter!

Sylia - Act 1

Save the realms of Sylia!

New Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Find the Fountain of Youth!

Vampires Vs Zombies

Stop a zombie invasion!

Jessica's BowWow Bistro

Dish up doggie delicacies!

Bird's Town

Build up Birds Town!

Incredible Express

Help Maria become a railroad magnate!

Youda Fairy

Learn to cast spells and free the kingdom!

Miriel The Magical Merchant

Help Miriel make her dream come true!

Vacation Mogul

Construct a real estate empire!

Finders Keepers

A high seas quest for treasure!

Mr. Jones' Graveyard Shift

Make millions in the cemetery biz!

Bugatron Worlds

The bugs are back!

Zombie Shooter

Wipe out the zombie threat!

The Rainbow Machine

Defeat the menacing Klepto Rats!

Astro Avenger 2

Save humankind from hostile aliens.

Egyptian Ball

Implode the temple, you rule!

I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon

Captain the Vegendary Heroes!

The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2

Build majestic temples and save Egypt’s eighteenth dynasty!

Pearl Harbor: Fire on the Water

Sink enemy vessels!

A Dwarf's Story

Help the dwarves get to the surface!

BurgerTime Deluxe

Let the culinary capers commence!

Fix-It-Up: World Tour

Help Kate expand her car-repair empire!

Wizard Land

Solve the mysteries of Wizard Land!

Chicken Invaders 3

Stave off the greatest chicken threat!

Ricochet Lost Worlds

Long-awaited sequel to Ricochet Xtreme!

Star Defender 4

There`s a new war raging in the galaxy!

SpongeBob SquarePants Bubble Rush!

Bubble bursting, SpongeBob style!


Protect the Kingdom of Whiteleaf!

Farm 2

Run your very own farm!


Clone the enemy and save mankind.

Blender Express

Blend smoothie drinks!

Raxx: The Painted Dog

Help Raxx return from the drawing world!

Shamanville: Earth Heart

Reignite the Heart of the Earth!


Test your piloting and shooting skills.

Sally's Salon

Run your very own Hair Salon!

The Bloobles and the Quest for Chocolate

Can you help the Bloobles?

The Bluecoats: North vs South

Lead the American Civil War!

Island Defense

Protect the Citadels!

Toki Tori

Help the adorable Toki Tori!

Frogs vs Storks

Save your frogs from evil storks!

Luxor: 5th Passage

Go on a marble-shooting adventure!

Frogs in Love

Win over the frog of your dreams!

Fairy Jewels 2

Free fairy town from an evil spell.

Jewel Legends: Atlantis

Restore Atlantis to its former glory!

Alien Stars

The game of our future.

Jungle vs. Droids

Don't mess with the jungle!

Ricochet Recharged

A dynamic brick-busting experience!

300 Dwarves

Command an epic band of dwarven mercenaries!

Casino Chaos

Run a Las Vegas Casino!

Push The Box

Join Oink-oink on the journey to save his friends!

The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure

A delightful Match 3 game!

Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia

Match 3 and city-building fun!

Ricochet - Infinity

Bust bricks across the galaxy!

Fashion Rush

Set a trend with Satine!

Sleepwalker's Journey

Take a beautiful dream journey!

Legends of Atlantis: Exodus

Save the people of Atlantis and their kingdom!

Luxor Evolved

Experience Luxor Evolved!

Build-a-lot: On Vacation

Help the vacation towns!

Magic Sweets

Magical and tasty Time Management!

Magic Maze

Explore labyrinthine passages!

Fashion Fits!

Run a fast-paced clothing store!

Travels With Gulliver

Follow Gulliver’s path to Lilliput!

Royal Defense

The castle needs a hero – protect the castle from hordes of trolls!

Mega World Smash

Mega World Smash is here!

Be a King: Golden Empire

Defend your kingdom from raiders!

Simplz Zoo

Create your very own zoo!

Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost

Give the people a burst of energy!

Tripp's Adventures

Explore your magical abilities to reach the top of twisted tower!

Reel Deal Epic Slot: Forrest Gump

Return to the amazing story of Forrest Gump in this all new slot adventure!

Outta This Kingdom

Rebuild a magical world!

Nog's Gem Quest

Join Nog on his epic quest to become a true gem collector!

Ball-Buster Collection

Ball-Buster Collection is non-stop, action-packed fun!

The Sparkle 2: Evo

Control evolution with the touch of your finger!

Puzzler World 2013

Puzzler World returns for 2013!

Rush on Rome

Search for the mysterious artifact!

King Oddball

End the world in this compelling physics puzzle game!

Santa Vs. Banker

Help Santa and save Christmas from the Evil Banker!

Frederic: Resurrection of Music

Step into Chopin's shoes and battle opponents in musical duels!

Finders Keepers Christmas

Help Floyd grab goodies and deliver them to the kids

A Moon for the Sky

Launch A Moon for the Sky!

War in a Box: Paper Tanks

Finally, the war of paper tanks comes into your room!

Dream Tale: The Golden Keys

Help Julia find Fifo!

Heaven & Hell

Help Angelo retrieve the stolen artifacts

Great Little War Game

Battle your enemies!

Jewels of the East India Company

A unique Match 3 experience!

Jump Birdy Jump

Jump to your true love!

Weather Lord

Control the forces of nature!

Clockwork Crokinole

Position your discs to gain the most points possible!

Monument Builders: Titanic

Build the Titanic!

Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling

Get a perfect score in Gutterball!

Your Doodles Are Bugged

Become a Master Doodler!

Bubble Bonanza

Stop the bubble creatures!

All My Gods

Become a mighty god!

Glow Fish

Save Coralline from Dr. Urchin!

Gem Boy

Stop the evil Paganus!

Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower

Construct the Eiffel Tower!

Starlaxis: Rise of the Light Hunters

Save all the life on Earth!

Cardboard Castle

Become a fearless knight!

Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens

Rebuild Athens in Heroes of Hellas 3!


Help free the butterflies!

Caveman Physics

Solve puzzles with Caveman Physics!

Saving Private Sheep

Save Private Sheep!

Nicktoons: Hoverzone

Sweet hoverboard action!

Sara's Super Spa Deluxe

Run a relaxing spa!

My Life Story: Adventures

Find your life’s true calling!

Pioneer Lands

Conquer the Old West!

Julia's Quest: United Kingdom

Travel around the UK!

Sparky Vs. Glutters

Unlock Sparky’s past!

Frozen Kingdom

Restore summer to Fairy Land!

Mummy's Treasure

A puzzling pyramid adventure!

Magical Mysteries: Path of the Sorceress

Discover a magical mystery!

Pixie Pond

Enter a magical Pixie Pond!


Escape from a mysterious island!

Flower Mania

Make the flowers bloom!


Save Elithium from destruction!

Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures

Get back your juicy fruit!

Akhra: The Treasures

Become the greatest inventor in the world of Akhra!


Help artists find their Muse!

Abigail and the Kingdom of Fairs

Help Abigail save the Kingdom!

Rolling Spells

Capture the cunning monsters!

Chainz Galaxy

Build up a colorful linked world!

Planet Horse

Saddle up for adventure!

Westward Kingdoms

Prove your worth to the king!

Astro Bugz Revenge

Protect our solar system from Astro Bugz!


Solve riddles and have some Match 3 fun!

Leeloo's Talent Agency

Help Leeloo hit the big time!

Drugstore Mania

Try your hand at the pharmacy biz!


Enter a world of shifting perspectives!

Potion Bar

Sell a Potion - Save the World!

Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age

Chill out with an all-new Farm Frenzy!

Road to Riches 2

Help John succeed in the trucking biz!

Fairy Nook

Navigate a fairy tale world!

Pet Playground

Help fairies care for adorable pets!

Conga Bugs

Conga-dancing bugs are out of control!