Escape reality with these imaginative fantasy games.

Northern Tale

A beautiful legend filled with magic, bravery and adventure!

Kingdom Chronicles

Journey to a land of royalty and adventure!

Drawn: Trail of Shadows

Re-enter the world of Drawn!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Go on an adventure in Wonderland!


Revive a barren celestial wilderness!

The Enchanting Islands

Restore a fairy-tale realm!


Explore a world of magic, metal and mystery!

Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres

Defeat the evil witch Viviana!

Allora and The Broken Portal

Repair the Broken Portal!

Alice in Wonderland

Save Alice from Wonderland!

Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix Collector's Edition

Save your lost tribe in the final confrontation with Pandora!

Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix

Save your lost tribe in the final confrontation with Pandora!

My Kingdom for the Princess III

It's time to rebuild the kingdom!

Sky Kingdoms

Explosive marble-popping fun!

Dragon Keeper 2

The evil witch is back!

Keepers of Dryandra

Help the Keepers save Dryandra!

Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper

Find a prince's lost love in a fantastical faraway land!

Leah's Tale

Adventure with Leah in Estis!

Sylia - Act 1

Save the realms of Sylia!

New Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Find the Fountain of Youth!

Youda Fairy

Learn to cast spells and free the kingdom!

Victim of Xen

Embark on a journey to reverse the royal witch's spell!

Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess

Restore the fairy-tale kingdom and save the Princess!

Timeless: The Lost Castle

Rescue the girl and escape!

A Dwarf's Story

Help the dwarves get to the surface!

Wizard Land

Solve the mysteries of Wizard Land!

Rune Stones Quest

Help restore the Rune Stones and save the Dwarven Kingdom!

Astral Towers

Become a mage!

Solitaire Kingdom Quest

Defeat the Gremlins!


Protect the Kingdom of Whiteleaf!

Millennium 2: Take Me Higher

Change the world of Myst forever!

Spirits of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur

Find the stolen magic animals

Love's Epitaph

Flee from the organization!

Faerie Solitaire

Have some Faerie Solitaire fun!

Vagrant Hearts 2

Stop the Black Scepters!

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Escape a mysterious castle!

The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire

Defeat the forces of darkness and defend Emerland!

Aveyond: The Lost Orb

Find The Lost Orb and destroy it!

Fairy Jewels 2

Free fairy town from an evil spell.

Hodgepodge Hollow

Travel to Hodgepodge Hollow!

Mystika: Between Light and Shadow

Face the queen of the dark world in this new Match 3 game!

Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep

Save Atlantis in this innovative physics-based marble dropper!

Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose

Is the beast good or evil? Help Bella follow her heart!

Shining Plume

Help Jun defeat his enemies!

A Wizard's Curse

Can you, a mere alchemist, stop the wizard's reign of terror?

Mermaid Adventures: The Magic Pearl

Retrieve the Magic Pearl!

Azada: Ancient Magic

Meet famous icons in this magic sequel.

The Witch and The Warrior

Explore this magical world!

Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

Save the fantasy world of Enchantia!

Outta This Kingdom

Rebuild a magical world!

Tower of Elements

Defeat the evil Void army!

The World`s Legends: Kashchey the Immortal

Defeat the evil-doer Kashchey!

Pahelika: Revelations

Return to Pahelika!

Grimoire Chronicles

Help Myra save her best friend!


Explore dangerous dungeons!


Conquer the world!

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water

Save your hometown from the evil curse!

Dragon Keeper

Stop the evil witch!

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy

Stop The Darkthrop Prophecy!

FreeCell Wonderland

A new journey through Alice’s Wonderland

Potion Bar

Sell a Potion - Save the World!

Cute Knight Kingdom

Choose your destiny!

Fairy Nook

Navigate a fairy tale world!


Make Avalon`s Garden great again!

Cindy's Travels: Flooded Kingdom

Help Cindy save the Flooded Kingdom!

A Fairy Tale

Help faeries defeat a giant menace!

Charma: The Land of Enchantment

Marble-pop the Charmies to freedom!