Be a sleuth and scour crime scenes, rich with spine-tingling drama.

The Lost Cases of 221B Baker St.

Help Sherlock solve new mysteries!

Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse

Help Kate save her friend!

The Nightshift Code

Hidden Object mystery adventure.

Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief

Discover the truth of the missing children!

Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood

Stop the big, bad wolf!

Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper

Sherlock Holmes faces off against Jack the Ripper!

1 Moment of Time: Silentville

Uncover a mystery and save a town from a curse.

Rhianna Ford & The Da Vinci Letter

Travel to Rome with Rhianna!

Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold

Embark on a Hidden Object adventure!

Mystery of the Ancients: Curse of the Black Water

Uncover Poseidon's ancient secrets!

Zodiac Prophecies: The Serpent Bearer

Free the zodiac children's souls from the Dark Lord!

Girls with Secrets

Who would want to kill Amy, the most popular girl in class?

Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst

Live through his side of the story!

Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince

Discover the exiled Frog Prince!

The Sultan's Labyrinth: A Royal Sacrifice

Help Tallis escape a labyrinth!

Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace

Uncover the dark secret behind the Curse of Laroche Palace!

Twilight School

Enter the mysterious Twilight School to save your mother

Paris 1925

Explore Paris during the roaring twenties!

Criminal Stories: Presumed Partners

Every big success hides a terrible secret

Sherlock Holmes VS Arsene Lupin

Embark on an investigation!

Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town

Investigate strange goings-on!

Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy

Explore a decrepit amusement park!

The White House

Explore the White House!

Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power

Find the magic cards!

Escape from Lost Island

Stay alive and Escape from Lost Island!

Agatha Christie: Dead Man's Folly

You’re Invited to a Murder Hunt!


Ancient Egyptian magic resurfaces anew.

Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema

Explore the mysterious Nightmare Cinema!

Dracula: The Path of the Dragon - Part 1

Investigate the town of Vladoviste!

The Tarot's Misfortune

Go on a fortune-telling adventure!

Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond

Nick Chase is back in a new adventure!

Big City Adventure: Vancouver Collector's Edition

Head up north for your next adventure!

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

Help Sherlock Holmes solve the case!

Haunted Legends: The Undertaker

Stop the zombie's outbreak throughout the city!

Twisted Lands: Origin

Experience the birth of terror!

Eastville Chronicles: The Drama Queen Murder

Solve a murder in the world famous Eastville Opera House!

Dark Dimensions: City of Fog

Search for a town consumed by fog!

The Search for Amelia Earhart

Find the famous pilot, Amelia Earhart!

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

Explore a haunted farmstead!

Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper

Banish the soul-stealing spirit to save the town of Pawtuxet!

Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper Collector's Edition

Banish the soul-stealing spirit to save the town of Pawtuxet!

Where Angels Cry

Investigate a mysterious, medieval monastery!

A Vampire Tale

Help Caroline find her missing father!

Princess Isabella - A Witch's Curse

Help Princess Isabella lift a curse!

Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

Fear has embraced a small town!

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding

Break an ancient werewolf curse!

Sarah Maribu and the Lost World

Explore an island of Dinosaurs!

Penny Dreadfuls Sweeney Todd

Stop the notorious Sweeney Todd!

Dark Arcana: The Carnival

Find the woman lost in a mysterious Carnival of Horrors!

Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen

Unearth sinister secrets!

Weird Park: Broken Tune

A twisted tale of terror!

Pathfinders: Lost at Sea

Explore a mysterious island!

Spirits of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur

Find the stolen magic animals

Crime Solitaire

Solve crimes!

Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera

Solve a deadly mystery!

Mishap: An Accidental Haunting

Help the Burtons take back their home!

Mystery Trackers: The Four Aces

Track down the Four Aces!

Crossworlds: The Flying City

Investigate parallel worlds!

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Escape a mysterious castle!

Mystery P.I.: The Curious Case of Counterfeit Cove

Break up a counterfeiting ring!

Shutter Island

Some places never let you go…

Lost Secrets: Ancient Mysteries

Uncover the Truth of King Tut’s Tomb!

Relic Hunt

Find hidden riches on deserted islands!

Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward

Find your missing twin!

3 Cards to Dead Time

Solve an 80 year old mystery!

Green Moon

The Green Moon is calling you!

Mystery Chronicles: Betrayals of Love

Find the Countess’s murderer!

Rasputin's Curse

Find dark secrets in Rasputin’s Curse!

The Lake House: Children of Silence

Horror with a lakeside view!

Veronica Rivers: The Order of the Conspiracy

Veronica's vacation is about to end!

Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets

Solve the heist of the century!

Ghost Whisperer

The dead are talking... and she is listening.

Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim's Hook

Save your twin brother from a dark force invading Pilgrim's Hook

Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess

Investigate a series of mysterious kidnappings!

Surface: The Soaring City

Save your inventor brother!

Death Pages: Ghost Library

Libraries are not safe anymore!

Motor Town: Soul of the Machine

Explore the eerie depths of Motor Town!

Reality Show: Fatal Shot

Uncover the truth behind a shocking murder aired on TV.

Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death Collector's Edition

Uncover an artist’s mysterious secret!

Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman Collector's Edition

Discover secrets of Sleepy Hollow!

Reality Show: Fatal Shot Collector's Edition

Uncover the truth behind a shocking murder aired on TV.

The Curse of the Werewolves

Lift the mysterious Curse of the Werewolves!

Phantasmat: Crucible Peak Collector's Edition

Is it possible to die, but remain trapped on Earth for eternity?

Mysteries of the Mind: Coma

Everyone deserves a second chance!

Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

Escape the clutches of a legendary monster!

Alexander the Great: Secrets of Power

Unlock the secrets of power and collect artifacts to save the world!

Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition

An evil legend haunts a forgotten town!

The Gift

Bring a killer to justice!

Inception of Darkness: Exorcist 3

Fight for an innocent soul!

Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town Collector's Edition

Investigate strange goings-on!

Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville

Uncover the mysterious past of a sleepy seaside village!

Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

Escape the smoky intrigue of a hometown inferno!

Web of Deceit: Black Widow Collector's Edition

Unravel a web of deceit as you try to stop the Black Widow!

The Agency of Anomalies: The Last Performance

Expose a secret brotherhood and save the theatre performers

Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville Collector's Edition

Uncover the mysterious past of a sleepy seaside village!

Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits Collector's Edition

Find exotic treasures on an ancient galleon!

Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends

Follow orphan Eva on a trip to mystical Prague!

Cases Of Stolen Beauty

Expose the most incredible plot of the millennium!

Surface: The Noise She Couldn`t Make Collector`s Edition

Delve deep into the mysteries of the mind!

Sister's Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines

Help Ariel find her missing twin sister Belle!

Howlville: The Dark Past

Help figure out the secret of Rachel's past!

Night In The Opera

Solve a mysterious musical murder.

Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector’s Edition

Find the missing girl and help stop a global epidemic!

Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen

Save your brother before the final cut!

Sister's Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines Collector's Edition

Help Ariel find her missing twin sister Belle!

City of Fools

Run your own journalistic investigation of a UFO case!

Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa

Travel through time to solve a dastardly crime!

Theatre of the Absurd

Outwit the sinister forces to save a little girl.

Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen Collector's Edition

Save your brother before the final cut!

Marie Antoinette and the Disciples of Loki

Take your place in history!

Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix

Reunite the Dragon and Pheonix Kingdoms!

Malice: Two Sisters

Find Victoria's missing sister!

Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum

Solve the abandoned asylum mystery!

Shiver: Poltergeist

Explore your new manor!

Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill

Investigate the case of the brutal bride murderer.

Shiver: Poltergeist Collector's Edition

Explore your new manor!

Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition

Uncover a terrible tragedy!

Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch

Rein in a ghostly secret!

Ghost Towns: The Cats of Ulthar

Explore the strange city of Ulthar!

Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart

Stop the evil Vansig family!

Natural Threat: Ominous Shores

Save your friends!

White Haven Mysteries

Find an important antidote!

Ghost Towns: The Cats Of Ulthar Collector's Edition

Explore the strange city of Ulthar!

The Cross Formula

Rediscover your identity!

Maestro: Notes of Life Collector's Edition

Save everyone from the Maestro!

Mystical Island

Reunite Rick and Caitlin!

Nemo's Secret: Vulcania

Save Captain Nemo from the evil Dardell!

Mysteryville 2

Find your missing friend!

The Last Express

Find your friend’s murderer!

Sacra Terra: Angelic Night

Defeat the demons!

Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper

Catch Jack the Ripper!

Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

Discover the secret of the 6th ghost!

Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea

Can you escape the Nightmare?

Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition

Find out what happened to your sister!

Millennium Secrets: Roxanne's Necklace

Investigate a powerful explosion!

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

Confront terrifying secrets!

Sparky Vs. Glutters

Unlock Sparky’s past!

Escape the Emerald Star

Escape from the cruise ship!

AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo

Visit the historic city of Toledo!

Spirits of Mystery: Amber Maiden

Undo the amber curse!

Nancy Drew: The Trail of the Twister

Apprehend a saboteur!

Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues

Solve a murder case!

Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane

Go back in time and save 11 lives!

Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker

Find the Vanishing Hitchhiker!

Amanda Rose: The Game of Time

Walk boldly into the unknown!

Mystery Novel

Solve a mysterious crime!

Epic Escapes: Dark Seas

Discover the secret of the Dark Seas!

Letters from Nowhere 2

Confront evil in Letters from Nowhere 2!

The Fool

Save the beautiful princess!

The Curse of the Thirty Denarii

Find the thirtieth denarii!

Maestro: Music of Death

Stop a mysterious illness!

Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector's Edition

Find the Vanishing Hitchhiker!

The Revenge

Battle against the power of evil!

FBI: Paranormal Case

Discover the truth behind a thrilling mystery!

Mystery Agency: Secrets of the Orient

Find a magical talisman in India!

Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus 2

Help Francesca convict the thief!

Shades of Death: Royal Blood

Figure out a dark mystery!

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: The Strange Case

Can you solve the case of Dr. Jekyll?

Scratches Director's Cut

Explore the Blackwood house!

Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Story

Help Carol solve a 600 year old mystery.

Reading the Dead

Find Sarah’s mother’s murderer!

Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus

Your invitation to Murder Island awaits!

Mishap 2: An Intentional Haunting

This time it’s no Mishap!

The Secret Legacy: A Kate Brooks Adventure

Discover The Secret Legacy!

Spirit Seasons: Little Ghost Story

Explore the Blindhill Place manor!

Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life

Find the legendary Tree of Life!

Nightmare on the Pacific

Survive a cruise ship disaster!

Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull

Uncover the secrets of the 13th Skull!

Phantasmat Collector's Edition

Solve a dark mystery!

Nora Roberts Vision in White

Capture the Romance with Mackensie!

Treasure Seekers: Follow the Ghosts

Free the trapped ghosts!


Discover the secrets at Malgrey Castle!

Doors of the Mind: Inner Mysteries

Explore a world of nightmares!

Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Collector's Edition

Discover the true Sleeping Beauty!

Time Riddles: The Mansion

Discover the past of a mansion!

Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout

Find the clues to your lost identity!

Public Enemies: Bonnie and Clyde

Follow Bonnie & Clyde’s crime spree!

Matchmaker: Joining Hearts

Help lonely hearts find their match!